Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day is no excuse to abandon the trails, nor is slight rain showers. Instead to celebrate today, I took my mom on her first hike with me in as long as I can remember. Mom had knee surgery a few years back and has been hesitant to test it out on the trail. I was hoping for nicer weather but it was overcast and sprinkling rain, but to mom's credit she didn't back out of the hike. Dad and mom met me at my house and we were on our way to the Clark's Creek area in Erwin, TN, home to the beautiful Sill Branch Falls! Although it was to celebrate her day, I was also glad to have my dad along, he has become quite a good hiker! The good lord must have knew I was excited because the rain ceased just as we began our hike and the only drops we got on our heads were from the wet leaves. Mom done surprisingly well, only stopping briefly to catch her breath. We arrived at the creek crossing and she made it with ease, I suspect so because she crossed the river as a child by boat to catch the school bus. My determination and fire were most definitely inherited from her. My dad I suppose gave me my wit and good looks. (sarcasm)

Arriving at the falls, Mom explored the area and we took turns posing for pictures. The mist of the falls was a cool refresher and we rested before trekking out. I was so happy to have both my parents on a hike with me, it's a blessing to still have them around. I have many friends that aren't as fortunate. Hopefully this was just the beginning of many hikes to come, here's a few pics from today's hike, until next time..happy trails.
Mom and Dad
Mom and I at Sill Branch Falls

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