Friday, April 13, 2012

Low Gap is at the top of Holston Mountain above the parking area for Blue Hole on Panhandle Road. From the fire tower you can take the Holston Mountain Trail to the intersection of the Flint Mill Trail and on to Flint Mill Rock for beautiful views of South Holston Lake and Bristol Motor Speedway. Due to time constraints, Jeff, Amber, and I settled for climbing the fire tower and checking out the views from 80ft above the top of the mountain. I will fully confess, climbing the tower made me nervous, and I climbed slowly with one hand on the rail at all times. The tower is old and not in the best of shape, the stairs climb the outside of the tower and the railing is broke free in several locations as well as warped and loose steps, if the wind had been blowing at all I wouldn't have climbed it. Jeff and Amber however didn't seem to mind at all, Jeff made it to the top to find out it was blocked off so we settled for pictures from the side of the tower. The sky was a little overcast and limited visibility but I still thought we got some good ones, take a look.
The 1st set of stairs, notice the loose rails.
Cash and Amber heading up!
Amber and Cash 80ft up.
looking toward Bristol and Kingsport
looking through the tower toward Roan Mountain
South Holston Lake
Jeff three flights up on the tower


  1. Thanks for the hike. Enjoyed the humor!

  2. We always enjoy hiking with you, Jeff! It's a blessing to have a friend that shares our love for the outdoors.