Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just off I-26 near the Temple Hill and Flag Pond communities lies a hidden treasure if your a waterfall lover. Lower Higgins creek road turns off the old Asheville highway and up the mountain, it eventually turns to gravel and dead ends along the creek at a wide spot in the road. From the parking area, the trail is to the left across an old bridge and begins a fairly steep climb up the mountain following the creek.

The trail stays with the creek the entire time and the small cascades and rock formations along the way keep you entertained before you arrive at the 100ft Lower Higgins falls. The problem you encounter at the falls is that there isn't really a trail to it, it's a steep scramble down to get to the base, but definitely worth it. Here's the main attraction.
Lower Higgins Falls
another view of Lower Higgins, 100ft high
From the first falls the trail continues on, still rising in elevation. The trail will force you to cross the creek, there isn't a place here that you won't get your feet wet while crossing. The trail continues a short distance on the right side of the creek before you will cross again and a short distance later arrive at the nice 40ft middle falls.
middle falls
different camera setting, same falls

There are several 20 ft falls between the middle falls and Upper Higgins Falls but the heat and the steep climbs down the bank made me trudge on past. The upper falls is completely hidden by brush and boulders and the trail is straight down. I debated on whether to try it down since I was alone, but the roar of the water was more than my curiosity could stand. The area along either side of the creek is so dense with brush the only way I could take photos was ankle deep in the creek.
Upper Higgins Falls, what a beauty! 70ft high.
another view of Upper Higgins.
In a short three miles round trip, I had seen several beautiful falls. I had worked up a good sweat and was ready to go enjoy the NCAA tournament, basketball is my second love to my hiking. Until next time, happy trails.
resting, creek side.

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